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About Pixels Photo Booth

Pixels Photo Booth are an Irish owned company that supply modern curtained enclosures that contain automated digital cameras, film processors, user friendly touch screens and studio lighting supplying a space for you and your guests to create a pre determined set of fun photo's. Pixels Photo Booth's allow guests to take fun photographs using different props which then print out and capture the fun atmosphere, creating a lasting memory of your special day.Pixels Photo Booths are an 8x8 curtained area which allow privacy for guests to have fun and avoid outside interference from others looking on during the photo session. Your guests then pose for a set number of pictures and before each photo is taken there is a timed indication that signals to you/your guests that a photo is about to happen. There is a 8 second delay in between photo's to allow a change of pose/props etc. Pixels Photo Booths allow the renter to choose (before the event) Choice of color or black and white photographsSize (6x2 photo strips)Amount (3 pictures on the finished print) including template branding i.e the renters name and date of event.When hiring Pixels Photo Booth you will be supplied with 2-3 Pixels attendant(s). The attendant(s) job will be to encourage your guests to use the booth and have fun in doing so, hand out pictures, reprint extra photo's if requested. This allows our booths to be user friendly as the attendants keep the booth and props tidy and are available to guide your guests in what to do i.e. strike a pose, time left between poses and to change props etc.

Pixels Photo Booth

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